5 Day Deep Tissue with Myofascial Meridians Diploma Level 3


Courses taught in March at Duke Gym in Tenerife, and from April to December at T3
Learn: Advanced Deep Tissue Massage Techniques with Myofascial Release, using Myofascial Meridians
Pre-requisite: Holistic, Swedish, Full-Body Massage Diploma Level 3, or 3 day SMCE Holistic Masterclass course with Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology
Ideal for: Complete beginners or experienced massage therapists, who wish to provide Remedial and treatments for injury or energy release, working with deep tissue techniques, Myofascial Release and applying to the Myofascial Meridians
Timescale: 5 days of intensive training plus home study and final exam
CPD Points: 10
Diploma: Level 3


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After this course, students will be able to effectively treat deep-rooted tension in the muscles, bringing the body into a better state of looseness, and improving mobility and function. This includes back pain, neck pain, hip/glutes pain, and joint mobilisation. Students will also be able to mobilize the joints and unlock stagnant blocked energy in the body.

To qualify for the Level 3 Diploma in Deep Tissue with Myofascial Meridians, you will be required to complete additional academic course work, which will be sent to you, for you to carry out in your own time at home.  With the correct focus you can complete the full program in 2-3 months but we also allow students to have up to 1 year to complete their diploma, with full ongoing support and mentoring from Elaine.

5 days Deep Tissue with Myofascial Meridians training

  • Superficial Backline
  • Functional Backline
  • Superficial Frontline
  • Deep Frontline
  • Lateral Line
  • Understanding Interconnectivity of Fascial Lines
  • The Relationship of Myofascial Meridians Lines

Advanced Deep Tissue Techniques:

  • Working through towels or clothes
  • Working manually with oil
  • Myofascial Release Techniques
  • Tracking tension in the Fascia
  • Correct use of forearm and elbow
  • Working with a pressure level scale of 1-10 and use of breath work
  • Oriental hand and foot reflexology
  • Legs prone and supine stretching
  • Joint mobilization
  • Passive Movements
  • Assisted Stretches
  • Contraindications to this technique
  • Business Management and Development
  • 1 year mentorship with Elaine
  • 5 x Case Studies (25 hours in total)
  • Final Tutorial
  • Final Exam

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March 25th – March 27th 2024, April 22nd – April 24th 2024, July 8th – July 12th 2024, September 30th – October 2nd 2024, November 18th – November 22nd 2024


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