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The Star System

The Star System Camp 2024

The Retreat Centre - Finca Naranjas

The beautiful Finca Naranjas is the creation of Denis Devaris, a Swiss architect who came to Tenerife in 1978. Denis envisioned a retreat where like minded people could exchange experiences and ideas through workshops and seminars. Today it has evolved into an ecological retreat centre which is owned by his daughter, Soujata.

Situated only 15 minutes from the coastline, the centre is open to all those who are looking for peace, nature, and good weather. The peaceful retreat centre features a beautiful garden, comfortable living areas and relaxing therapy rooms. It's been designed using a blend of ecological principles and creative architecture with simple, cosy comfort and natural wellbeing.

From day one of its opening, the aim has been to create a supportive environment for the development of a spiritual awakening. The essence of the centre is based on the absence of dogmatism and sectarianism, and the respect of personal freedom, individuality and integrity of each person.

The Massage Training Room is set in a colourful oasis of semi-tropical plants and trees, enveloped by the sounds of the birds. The building is made of local stone with a stone or wooden floor. The Massage Training will be for maximum 10 students. The small size of the group makes the practice a very intimate experience, where the student is really seen by the teacher. Practice timings will be divided into two slots from 11am to 1.30pm and then 2.30pm to 5pm. Some classes may be taught outside in the gardens for students to enjoy the wonderful healing energy that Fina Naranjas offers.

The buildings are hand built from volcanic stone and artisan tiles, situated across and around the large property. Though simple, the rooms are comfortable, with unique, individual character. Each of the houses has its own unique style. Both shared and single rooms are available, but there is a limited amount of single rooms, so get in quick if you'd like one! All houses have attached bathrooms and some of these are outdoors.

The food served is vegetarian and prepared by our wonderful chefs, Martin and Ara from Nomada Kitchen. Martian and Ara have worked chefs with Purple Valley Tenerife since the opening year 2021. You should prepare yourself for a wonderful culinary experience! Meals will be served as brunch from 10.30am and dinner from 6.30pm. Please note that fresh fruit is also available for you throughout the day.

The Star System is Elaine's own personal technique which she has developed over the years and took her to the top of working in the Sports Sector with many professional athletes and teams. It is also a most sought after technique for anyone with debilitating physical pain and combines Holistic and Deep Tissue Techniques with Energywork and sometimes Mediumship, to give the client relief from the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual problems they may be experiencing.

The weekend Retreats are for students who wish to learn and also receive The Star System Technique. It's also for students who wish to come and meet the other students from different countries and different modalities giving them the opportunity to do exchanges.

Please email us for tuition available in October for our 10 days combined Holistic Diploma Level 3 and Star System Energy Healing Course 14th - 23rd October - 1730E . Please note you will have the weekend of the 19th and 20th off

What Is The Star System Energetics Masterclass?

The Star System technique, allows the interconnectivity of the Myofascial Meridians to be released within the physical state and enables the body's energetic Meridians simultaneously to unlock along their pathways. We incorporate yoga breathwork from the client during the session to help to connect the soulular and physical state.

The practitioner will use a pendulum to trace where the blockages are being held within the chakras and will then hold their hands above which chakra is blocked with a series of movement techniques in order to remove any stagnation. We can also incorporate energetic techniques by usage of, the power of intention, colours, visualisation, sound therapy and mantras, during the movement techniques.

As the energy begins to unlock within the body, the client will feel the energy physically moving from the blocked area. They may feel a tingling sensation or heat over specific areas of their body and the energy will always try to leave via the head, hands and feet. As the client experiences the release, it is common for the joints in the hands and the feet to crack open at the end of the session, bringing magnificent relief for the client. The client will feel lighter after their session and if they have been carrying a lot of negative, dark energy in their chakras or auric energy field this can bring an instant, significant profound change for them. As the unwanted energy or emotions leave, the client may cry, or feel overwhelmed with feelings of huge relief and that they themselves have experienced " a reset" as the soulular state connects further with the physical self. Physical deep rooted tension may also leave the body, leaving the client feeling lighter and pain-free.

We have a range of Budget and Premium Accommodation Options with Half Board and All Inclusive available for all Students at Fina Naranjas Playa Parasio. Non-residential students can buy buffet brunch or dinner for 25 Euro per meal.

Please WhatsApp Elaine directly for more information or feel free to email us at and we will send you a list of prices for students.

Also please note there is also a yoga retreat being held by Purple Valley Yoga at the same time as the massage course at Finca Naranjas. So you will be in like-minded company throughout your stay and if you wish to bring a friend or family member who wishes to attend the yoga teaching, here is their contact details for further information or reservations:

Please write to for accommodation bookings.

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